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Acne Scar Solutions

Acne Scar SolutionsAcne is an embarrassing condition that causes millions of young people to feel self-conscious about their skin. Acne scarring is almost as embarrassing as actual pimples. Acne scarring is more likely to occur if you pick at your acne, irritating it and tearing the skin. Acne scars usually last for 4-12 months and then fade away as the old skin cells are sloshed off and new skin forms. This is not always the case however. Sometimes acne scars leave the skin indented or leave behind embarrassing red marks that won’t fade. If this is the case, then you should consider seeking out acne scar solutions.

It is a good idea to wait the recommended 4-12 months before seeking out solutions for your scars because during this time your skin will be changing and trying to repair itself. Also, before you seek out acne scar solutions you should also try to get a handle on your current acne breakouts. If you continue to have acne then you continue to have acne scarring, therefore by first eliminating acne breakouts you will help to decrease the chance of more acne scarring.

There are various solutions out there for reducing or eliminating the appearance of acne scarring. One such treatment is a chemical peel. This acne scar solution works best with minor acne scarring as it peels away the outer layer of skin by using a combination of chemicals. While traditionally a dermatologist has performed this treatment, there are now at home chemical peel kits that you can do yourself. The at home versions are not quite as effective so for every one chemical peel with a dermatologist, plan on needing three at home treatments for comparable results.

Another solution for acne scarring is laser resurfacing. Unlike a chemical peel, a dermatologist must perform laser resurfacing. Instead of only removing the first layer of skin it removes several layers with the help of a high-energy light. This gives the skin a smoother appearance. This acne scar solution works great for more prominent acne scars and indentations in the skin.

If your acne scars are too deeply pitted, laser resurfacing may not do the job. Instead you should opt for a treatment known as punch excision or grafting. With this procedure the pits are removed with a surgical instrument called a punch. It closes the pit and then grafts the top layers of skin together for a smooth appearance. A chemical peel usually follows this procedure for those who also have embarrassing red marks that cannot be treated by the punch.

If your acne scars are only a few depressed regions throughout the face another possible acne scar solution is collagen injections. The collagen would be injected underneath the depressed area of the skin causing it to plump up to the level of the rest of your skin.

If you have embarrassing acne scars then don’t hesitate, visit your dermatologist today to discuss acne scar solutions that may be right for you. If your acne scars are mild enough you may be able to treat your skin yourself with the help of a chemical peel.

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